Woven Sack manufacturer uses LamiAid, gets relief from delamination.

Woven Sack manufacturing company, established in 1961, is headquartered in New Delhi. With its manufacturing operations in Uttarakhand, the company manufactures a diverse range of Woven Sacks that are further used for varied purposes. The company has a wide customer base and has gained a trusted position in the market.

Suddenly the company started facing issues regarding de-lamination in the woven fabric. As the tie layer failed to accomplish the task of sticking the woven fabric with the BOPP, the lamination kept peeling off from the fabric. This further lead to poor quality of woven sacks due to which the company could not be able to meet their customers requirements.

But switching to LamiAid was the perfect solution which helped the woven sack manufacturing company got rid off the peeling problem. They tried a free sample offered by us and used LamiAid as per the suggested procedure and dosage. In the very first use, the manufacturing unit noticed tremendous results. LamiAid was added in the melted tie layer due to which the woven fabric got completely merged with the lamination. Hence, the problem of quality which the company was not able to deliver due to this problem was not there anymore.

What else! the woven sack company got a relief from their big problem by getting the one simple solution, LamiAid.

LamiAid Benefits:
  • Enhance quality of woven fabric
  • Removes de-lamination with the woven fabric
  • Removes moisture and allows longer shelf-life
  • Enhanced total output.
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