LamiAid eliminated delamination in FIBC Bags, manufacturer enhanced productivity

A trusted manufacturer, located at Mumbai exports an exclusive range of Rice Bags across the globe. The rice bags come in exquisite prints and designs and in varied customized options as well. The manufacturing unit is spread across a vast area with more than 50 requisite machines and equipment. Moreover, it has a well-defined team which looks after the production unit and similarly other units as well.

The only problem which the company was facing was that of de-lamination with the fabric. Due to this peeling problem, the shelf-life of the rice bags was less. The company was neither able to increase their productivity nor was able to meet customer’s requirements which further resulted in late deliveries of the bags.

The company came across our website, switched to LamiAid for a few days and the problem was solved. As guided by our customer support executive, the production unit ran a few trials with the suggested dosage and procedure and viewed radical changes in the rice bags.

By adding just 3% of LamiAid in the tie-layer, the lamination got stuck with the woven fabric more efficiently.As a result of which, the company enhanced their productivity. Moreover, their profit margins were also increased owing to which the manufacturing company has become our one of the trusted customers of LamiAid.
This all happened by adding a little dosage of LamiAid. You can also start running a trial now and experience the true benefits!

LamiAid benefits:
  • Prevents delamination with the fabric.
  • Eliminates poor quality in Woven Sacks.